Metropolitan Transportation Plan  

Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS) Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), serves as a regional blueprint and policy guide for current and future transportation infrastructure. It recommends multi-modal transportation projects and capital improvements for the next 30 years. The MTP is updated every five years and seeks to propose implementable projects that meet the current and future needs of the region.

August 2019

ARTS Metropolitan Planning Organization

February 2020 

March 2020

October 2019 

Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS) is a bi-state Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) covering the Augusta-Richmond County, GA; and, Aiken County, SC urbanized areas. MPOs are federally funded organizations charged with coordinating and planning transportation projects in urbanized areas with more than 50,000 residents. The ARTS MPO is responsible for developing local transportation policies and deciding how to spend federal funds to implement the transportation planning process.

ARTS planning area covers an approximate land area of 793 square miles with population of 511,686 (US Census 2010) and includes:

  • Georgia

    • Richmond County

    • City of Hephzibah

    • City of Blythe

    • Fort Gordon Military Reservation

    • Parts of Columbia County, including the City of Grovetown

  • South Carolina

    • Parts of Aiken County (Aiken, North Augusta, New Ellenton, Burnettown)

    • Parts of Edgefield County

September 2020

July 2020

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MTP Process 

The MTP Update engaged the public continually and included;

  1. Inventory existing transportation conditions in the ARTS region 

  2. Assess the existing and future transportation needs of the ARTS residents.

  3. Recommend projects to address identified needs. 

  4. Prioritize projects based on study goals, transportation needs, and public input.

  5. Draft short-, medium-, and long-term project programs based on available and potential funding. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Metropolitan Organization (MPO)?

MPOs are federally funded organizations who are responsible for with coordinating and planning transportation projects in urbanized areas with more than 50,000 residents.

What is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

A Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a long-range transportation plan for a Metropolitan Planning Organization. The MTP identifies multi-modal transportation system needs and how to use federal, state, and local funds to meet those transportation needs. The MTP is updated every five years to update current conditions and make changes appropriately for a 20-year planning horizon.

Why do we need a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

Having a transportation plan is a very important step in creating and maintaining an effective and efficient transportation system. Transportation effect thousands of people and goods so the projects in the MTP need to reflect their needs to safely and efficiently travel. The MTP contains proposed projects to meet those local needs, and are evaluated on established criteria.


Fall 2019

Assessment Winter 2019

Recommendations Spring 2020

Final MTP Document September 2020