ARTS 2050 

Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update 

Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is updating its Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for 2050.

Draft 2050 MTP Available for

Public Review and Comment

The MTP is the official multimodal transportation plan developed and adopted through the metropolitan transportation planning process for the ARTS planning area. The MTP recommends projects to improve, maintain, and operate roadways and bridges, public transit, multi-use trails, and sidewalks.

We invite you to help plan regional transportation projects by reviewing the Draft 2050 MTP and taking a few minutes to provide your input on the Plan. 

This 2050 MTP document is a summarized compilation of the six (6) Technical Reports, stand-alone documents with more in-depth analysis on each topic. Please see the MTP Materials page to access the technical reports.

Chapter 1 is an Introduction and Overview describing key land use and demographics for both                                     existing and future conditions. 

Chapter 2 provides a summary of the public involvement process and outcomes from the two (2)                                  rounds of public engagement.   

Chapter 3 is a listing of the Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures that form the basis of the

                            2050 MTP.

Chapter 4 identifies current and future multimodal transportation needs of the ARTS planning                                      area based on regional travel patterns, system inventory, analyses, and public input.

Chapter 5 summarizes how a list of the Universe of Projects - the “wish list” – was developed based                              on the identified needs and the project prioritization process.

Chapter 6 presents the Recommendations by providing funding forecasts and identifies a list of                                    financially constrained projects prioritized for short-, mid-, and long-terms throughout                                the horizon of the MTP 2050.

 The entire plan is available here: Draft 2050 MTP document

Please use this form to comment on the Draft 2050 MTP 

You can also send your comments via email, mail, or voicemail to:

535 Telfair Street, Suite 300,

Augusta, Georgia 30901

(706) 821-1796

Take a look at the interactive project map to view recommended projects in your area and make comments.